Go the Distance.

I have often dreamed,
Of a far off place,
Where a great warm welcome, 
Will be waiting for me.

Where the crowds will cheer,
When they see my face,
And a voice keeps saying, 
'This is where I'm meant to be'.

I will find my way,
I can go the distance,
I’ll be there someday,
If I can be strong,
I know eyery mile,
Will be worth my while,
I would go most anywhere,
to feel like I belong.

I am on my way,
I can go the distance,
I don’t care how far,
Somehow I’ll be strong,
I know ev’ry mile,
Will be worth my while,
I would go most anywhere,
to find where I belong.

- “Go The Distance” from Disney’s Hercules

In two years our hearts will be far apart. In two years our lives may change. You’ll be seeking endeavors within your educational experience, and I honestly do not know where life will take me - hopefully a third world country. You’ll be living the real college life and I’ll be living a life miles and miles away. We both must “go the distance” for the betterment of ourselves and it will be worth it. We both must be strong and patient.

I cannot say I will ever be ready for this transition nor will I say want it, because I certainly do not. I can say this, these two years I will definitely cherish every talk, giggle, tickle fight, date, and warm embrace. I guarantee that we will be perfectly fine, I know in two years we will just face another test to our pure love. I want you to know I am so proud of you and I want nothing more in this world than you to be the utmost happiest. I love you. Let’s live it up these two years! 

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